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Whānau ora

1 x 52 mins

Whānau Ora is a compelling documentary that captures a unique social initiative, firmly rooted in a Māori worldview, in its infancy.


The goal of Whānau Ora is for whānau to be in control of their own lives, supported by each other rather than the state, and confident to move into a future they choose.


The documentary highlights the challenges Whānau Ora workers have as they attempt to provide integrated and holistic support to struggling whānau with often multiple complex issues.


Focusing on the Whānau Ora services in the Hawkes Bay, The Story: Whānau Ora explores not just the state of Maori wellbeing, but also the inequality that exists in New Zealand. Historically the system has not worked for Maori. Will Whānau Ora be different?

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