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10 x 30min

For many years, the team at Waka Huia have captured the astonishing stories of our living taonga from te ao Māori. However, there have been many great Māori leaders, pioneers and icons left out simply because, like many others, they do not speak te reo Māori. 

The Māori featured in this new series are living legends and leading lights in our culture. They represent the generations of Māori who were raised at a time when Māori language and culture was shunned in favour of Pākeha cultural norms and language. Thus creating generations of non-Māori speaking Māori. Pathfinders, highlights the unique journeys travelled by these individuals.  

Among the iconic personalities celebrated in the series, are, kapa haka legend, Trevor Maxwell, protest photographer, John Miller, league legend, Howie Tamati and acclaimed actors, Rawiri Paratene and Tanea Heke. 

Now is the time to highlight and share the lives of these trail blazers with the people of Aotearoa, Māori and Non-Māori alike. Our audience will get personal histories, explore the political, social and cultural concerns of the moment and gain a new perspective through the lives of these inspiring individuals.  

While they may not possess fluency in te reo, they have strived to advance the place of Māori in Aotearoa and the world. That there is a renaissance of Māori culture, Māoritanga and of course, te reo itself, is in no small part due to their efforts. 

Pathfinders is an intimate look at their lives, away from the pressure of the issues or concerns of an often hostile news media. This series will be a treasure for not only contemporary audiences, but for future generations of New Zealanders. 

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