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Radio kuka

Radio Kuka is a refreshing, hilariously twisted mockumentary that takes the viewer behind the scenes of the inappropriately named Māori radio station Triple K am. We join the action as an arm wrestle for control over the station erupts between station owner Marire Kuka and the former CEO, Orlando Stewart.

Radio Kuka finds Marire Kuka and Orlando Stewart at loggerheads and locking horns after a guest spot from Pio Terei sees interest in the station spike and advertisers get on board.

Realising he’s still technically the owner of the station Orlando decides to jump back on board, but Marire and her trusty team at the station, Tuhoe and Katarina, won’t let Orlando takeover that easy.

Radio Kuka takes a healthy measure of Borat, infuses it with a bit of In the Thick of It and adds an offbeat Māori perspective to create a gut-bustling, funny, late night television event that’s not for the faint hearted.

Will anyone survive with their reputations intact?

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