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Project MĀtauranga

26 x 26mins

Project Mātauranga is a science series that investigates Māori world views and methodologies within the science community.


This series celebrates Māori innovation in the science sector, but also broadens the scope to explore the application and development of Māori-led projects in the business world.

Hosted by Victoria University’s Pūtaiao Māori lecturer Dr Ocean Mercier, Project Mātauranga is a credible, insightful and captivating show that takes the viewer into the world of Māori science and innovation.

This series focuses on the people working at the coalface, getting out of the labs and lecture theatres, and into the field to see their work come to fruition.

Field reporter Darcel Rickard also walks the viewer through the processes and talks to the kaimahi (workers) involved.

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