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On the Ladder

10 x ½ hour episodes for Māori television

On the Ladder is a brand new property programme hosted by dynamic presenter - mortgage broker Tahei Simpson. Motivating, entertaining and informative, the series explores propertythrough the real life stories of people as they embark on journeys into the property market. 

Through their experiences we’ll look at low cost housing schemes, innovative and exciting papakainga projects and alternative housing solutions. We’ll also uncover the best way to utilise Kiwisaver to get into your first home, the benefits and difficulties of developing on Māori land and how to be gifted whānau property the right way. All of this and plenty of other exciting housing stories will be explored in a show that’s got a high quota of entertainment and information.


Lively, slick and intimate, the programme provides information through real life experience. Over the ten episodes we’ll return to catch up with whanau as they progress through their property journey, highlighting elements that will be valuable for the viewer and providing invaluable information around Māori Property as never seen before.

According to presenter Tahei Simpson “the programme demystifies the property buying process and will definitely be empowering viewers with valuable information. ”

From Tauranga, to the far North we cover some incredible innovations that are happening in the housing sector, people looking outside of the box to find their way into a home. Whether it’s adventurers and innovators making earth homes in rural Aotearoa, extended whanau creating a giant ten room complex to house multiple generations or a young mum utilising shared equity opportunities to get into her first home, we’ve uncovered plenty of inspiring stories providing whānau with the keys to unlocking their future and make their first step onto the property ladder.

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