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matariki explained

1 x 30min

Matariki is now recognised as an official national holiday and everyone of Aotearoa can celebrate it. Matariki Explained is a special half hour documentary that will outline what Matariki is, why it is significant and how we can celebrate.


Matariki Explained played out across all major platforms in Aotearoa including
Whakaata Māori, TVNZ, Discovery, Prime, Pasifika TV, Radio New Zealand and Stuff on the 24th of June 2022 as part of a larger live broadcast on the inaugural day of this annual national holiday.


Matariki Explained features renowned Māori Astronomer and holder of ancestral knowledge, Rereata Makiha. Rereata will share with us his knowledge of living by the Māori lunar calendar (Maramataka).


Ngāti Rangi leader and historian, Che Wilson will be showing us how they celebrate their new year in Ōhakune with the rising of the Puanga star.


Also featuring is young Maramataka author, Hana-Rawhiti Maipi-Clarke who is passionate about helping her generation to understand the language of the environment from a Māori perspective. She explains hautapu, a traditional ceremony that makes an offering to the Matariki star cluster and how everyone can start their own traditions in celebration of Matariki, remembrance and renewal, fresh for the year ahead.

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