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life savers

20 x 8-10min

Life Savers is a non-stop action, character-based, factual series that gives our audience an intimate look at the extraordinary lives of a small group of dedicated junior life savers, their coaches and their families.  


The first series followed a group of young characters from the Mount Maunganui Lifeguard Service over the 2020-21 summer season as they trained, studied, strived and ultimately competed in the Junior Lifesaving Championships, Oceans 21.  


Life Savers Series 2 sees the return of old clubbies for the new season and we follow new members at the Mount club. We also feature young lifesavers from the Omanu Lifesaving Club, which lies just five kilometres down the beach from the Mount club.  


Life Savers II delivers all the drama, excitement and humour of the inaugural series as we explore what motivates these young athletes to train and compete in a sport that is ultimately aimed at saving  lives in the waters of Aotearoa.  


Life Savers inspires our young target viewers, while giving vital water safety knowledge and showing them the positive relationship young people can have with the beach and the ocean.  

Life Savers can be viewed on TVNZ+

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