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8 episodes of comedy mayhem on Māori TV

Jimi’s World is a full throttled semi-scripted comedy series that follows social media maestroJimi Jackson after he’s banned from the internet and loses his livelihood. He’s forced to face his worst nightmare and join the workforce. But work and Jimi don’t mix. His attempts to re-join the workforce are a complete and utter disaster. 

But a chance encounter sees Jimi join forces with Wairangi Koopu, who takes over the reins as Jimi’s agent, hoping to enjoy a cut in earnings he makes. With Wai in his corner Jimi hopes he’ll make a comeback, but Wai only makes things worse. It’s a litany of epic failure and uproarious laughs as Jimi is forced into taking on jobs no sane man would want. 

The question is - Can Jimi make a living in the real world and will he be able to convince the internet overlords to reinstate him? 

With a power-packed cast of supporting characters including Stacey Morrison, Monty Betham, Tammy Davis, Te Arahi Maipi and Tamati Tiananga this is a rollicking good time that’ll shock, entertain and provide plenty of belly laughs.

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