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Deane waretini - now is the hour

7 x 26 mins

Deane Waretini: Now is the Hour is a mocumentary series that follows washed-up superstar Deane Waretini as he tries to rebuild his singing career.

In 1981 he was on top of the world, with his song The Bridge taking the number-one spot on Aotearoa’s (New Zealand’s) pop charts. But his success was short-lived and his song was a one-hit wonder.

Now Deane spends his time at the TAB placing bets on the horses when he isn’t driving his yellow taxi to make an income.
The time has come and for Deane now is the hour – he has a second chance to reclaim his long-lost fame and career.

But with his hometown comeback being organised by Orlando Stewart, who has a reputation for being a useless agent, Will Deane’s dream become a nightmare?

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