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Wild Kai Legends

Series 1

10 x 30min

Wild Kai Legends sees passionate hunter, Jack Terei, team up with local hunting legends for a series of rugged pursuits in locations scattered around the country. Every episode the hard-case Northlander heads to a new community and meets up with a young hunting icon who eats, sleeps and breathes hunting.


Over the course of three days, he’s taken on a hard-core hunting adventure by a local who knows the area like the back of their hand.

Heading into the wild together, they track their prey and attempt to bring home a feed. Traversing some tough terrain, each hunt has its own trials and tribulations that need to be overcome. For the hunting enthusiast and the avid outdoor adventurer this is must-see television – a chance to experience a hunt in the raw.


While for a more casual viewer, it’s an incredible insight into a world they have never seen -a world that a new generation of hunter-gatherers have embraced with passion. So join us to share a yarn and a few laughs as we head into the heart of the hunt and take the viewer on a wild journey into the rugged heart land of Aotearoa.


Raw, unfiltered and full of fun –these are the stories of our very own Wild Kai Legends.

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