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Ake Ake Ake

3 x 1hr

‘Ka whawhai tonu mātou. Ake, ake, ake”

Often shouted after the phrase, “Ka whawhai tonu mātou” (we will continue to fight). Ake, ake, ake meaning “as long as it takes!” – is a phrase that has become synonymous with Māori protest. 

Ake, Ake, Ake tells the story of SOUL and the land occupation at Ihumātao through the voices of the Cousins who were intimately involved in the actions that took place there.

With unprecedented access to behind-the-scenes footage shot by camera-man, Conan Fitzpatrick, Ake, Ake, Ake is a powerful documentary series that tells an intimate story of loss, betrayal and resilience in the face of adversity.

The story is retold retrospectively through the eyes of the Cousins as they recount the heartbreaking experience and trauma their ancestors endured over decades in their struggles to retain the land. The motivation behind their resolve to never give up no matter the set backs.

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